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Basement Dehumidification

Foundation Repair and Basement Waterproofing in Olathe, KS

For the last 30 years, KC Waterproofing has been one of Olathe's leading providers in cutting edge technology for:

We have a staff of experts highly experienced in foundation repair in Olathe, KS, structural solutions and basement waterproofing The entire team is dedicated to delivering on-time service with a focus on integrity and value.

This unwavering dedication to customers is the cornerstone of the company’s growth. Customers appreciate that all work is backed by the best warranty in town. Best of all, they have piece of mind that their problems were fixed by a fully licensed, bonded, insured and locally owned company.

Training & Certifications

Our team members receive the best training in the industry and they also have industry certifications that give us an edge over other companies, which mean security to our clients.

Our certifications include:

  • Certified NAWSRC Waterproofing Contractors
  • Certified Structural Repair Technicians
  • Council-certified Microbial Remediation Supervisor (American IAQ Council)
  • Trained in bio-recovery and crime scene clean-up
  • Certified Grate Drain Installer
  • Certified John Maxwell Coach
  • Certified Structural Evaluator

If you need foundation repairs, basement waterproofing, or other basement solutions in Olathe, KS, don't hesitate to contact KC Waterproofing today at 816-226-4547!

Since 1985 Don Derry has been a leader in the Olathe structural repair industry. Started as KC Waterproofing, Foundation and Environmental Solutions, the company has expanded to three separate divisions:

  • KC Waterproofing, Foundation and Environmental Solutions
  • KC Foundation Solutions®
  • KC Environmental Solutions®

All are a part of KC Waterproofing, Foundation and Environmental Solutions family. These three distinct service areas allow us to specialize in structure specific solutions for new construction or repairs to existing structures.

Fun Fact:

Olathe is a Shawnee Indian word meaning "beautiful".

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Customer Reviews from Olathe
Tony And Linda H. from Olathe, KS
5 Stars
Nov 26th, 2017
Everyone with the company was great to work with. Clear expectations set with the estimate and outcome of work was better than hoped. Foundation issues are scary because you worry about the cost and whether you will get a company that really knows what they are doing. The owner calmed those nerves with his knowledge and approach. His staff is well trained and respectful of you and your home. I loved that they clean up so well and that they take pictures of their work. Smart for proof of the work but also so the owner knows that they did proper clean-up. We will recommend this company to others and will use them again if we have other issues.
Steve from Olathe, KS
5 Stars
Aug 21st, 2016
They did a great job, worked within the time frame they estimated, did a good job cleaning up afterwards and didn't charge me any more than they estimated, courteous workers who answered my questions without a problem and fixed the one small item I had concerns with. I would definitely recommend KC Waterproofing/KC RamJack.
Case Studies in Olathe, KS
Piering Installation in Olathe Piering Installation in Olathe
On April 26th, 2018, Keith’s crew went out to Olathe, KS for a foundation repair job. When Keith’s crew got to the site, they met with the homeowner and talked with him about the process that would take place and what to expect.
Big Job in Olathe, KS Big Job in Olathe, KS
In this job, we visit Olathe, KS and see quite a few pieces coming together in this foundation repair and waterproofing puzzle. Click to find out more!
Completed Jobs from Olathe, KS
Finished Basement Waterproofing Jeff C
June 2, 2017
KC Waterproofing provided him with a cost effective way to stop the water from coming into his basement by installing our full Basement Guardian System. This system is designed to stop water from coming into the basement by managing the water under the floor and directing it to a sump pump to be removed from under the floor. The system comes with a Life Time Warranty and transferable to new property owner. We installed our full wall protection, so now the basement can be finished knowing the water will never be an issue. KC Waterproofing Team knocked this one out of the park. The client left our crew a note on the last day stating: "Can't think you enough for your hard work, Basement was dry last night and it looks great."
Completed Exterior Waterproofing in Olathe KS Cody H
May 29, 2017
We excavated to the bottom of the foundation footing in OLathe, KS and uncovered two foundation cracks in the South wall under deck. Once we had them excavated we cleaned the wall and injected the cracks and applied our exterior wall coating and new drain tile and back filled with 100% rock. As you can see they work was done with very little disturbance to the landscape. The customer has a lifetime warranty and a dry living space thanks to our system.
Testimonials from Olathe, KS
Ben Morrissey Olathe, KS Ben Morrissey Olathe, KS
I had a mold problem in my house and hired KC Waterproofing to take care of it. They were extremely professional, pleasant to work with, and very competent.
Estimate Request from Olathe, KS
Jeff C. on May 15, 2017 12:37:17pm
Been dealing with a leaking basement. Had two cracks epoxy filled when we purchased the house last year and both of them still leak. Called the company who did it back out and they refilled them but it didn't work. I've regraded the foundation to correct negative drainage already too and the cracks still leak. Also have ground water coming up between the floor and wall in the same area. Thinking an underdrain might be needed, but I'll leave that up to the professionals to decide. This issue has been a pain since we moved in a year ago and I am more than ready to make it go away, and looking for some help.
Theresa W. on April 19, 2017 1:36:58pm
would like to schedule a time for an evaluation as to where water is coming from and repair estimate for my crawl space