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Basement Dehumidification

Foundation Repair and Basement Waterproofing in Kansas City, MO 

 Today, KC Waterproofing, Foundation and Environmental Solutions is one of the region’s leading providers in cutting edge technology for:

We have a staff of highly trained experts in foundation repairs, structural solutions and environmental remediation. We are dedicated to delivering on-time service focusing on integrity and value to provide 100% satisfaction to our customers.

Our dedication to customers is the cornerstone of the company’s growth. All of our work is backed up by the best warranty in town. Rest assured by the fact that we are fully licensed, bonded, insured and a locally owned company.

Training & Certifications

Our team members have industry certifications that give another layer of expertise and security to our clients.

Our certifications include:

  • Certified NAWSRC Waterproofing Contractors
  • Certified Structural Repair Technicians
  • Council-certified Microbial Remediation Supervisor (American IAQ Council)
  • Trained in bio-recovery and crime scene clean-up
  • Certified Grate Drain Installer
  • Certified John Maxwell Coach
  • Certified Structural Evaluator

If you need foundation repairs, basement waterproofing, or other basement solutions in Kansas City, MO, don't hesitate to contact KC Waterproofing today at 816-226-4547!

KC Waterproofing, Foundation and Environmental Solutions, has been in existence in Kansas City since 1985 founded by Don Derry. Ever since, the company has expanded to three separate divisions:

  • KC Waterproofing, Foundation and Environmental Solutions
  • KC Foundation Solutions®
  • KC Environmental Solutions®

 All three are a part of KC Waterproofing, Foundation and Environmental Solutions family. These three distinct service areas allow us to specialize in structure specific solutions for new construction or repairs to existing structures.

Kansas City known as, “Paris of the Plains,” for having more boulevards than any other city besides Paris and also known for its barbecue, jazz heritage and fountains. They preserve their home and so should you!!

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Customer Reviews from Kansas City
Barbara M from Kansas City , MO
5 Stars
Nov 26th, 2017
A very courteous, hard working group with many years of experience. Our basement had been seeping in water for several years and continued to get worse. A family member, who knew Don Derry for many years, recommended Don and his company. He found the issues and scheduled the job. After the work was completed, we had two very hard rain storms...our basement stayed totally dry!! โ€” I highly recommend KC Waterproofing.
Sharon B from Kansas City, MO
5 Stars
Jul 20th, 2017
Three years ago i hired a landscape company to install a french drain on the East side of my home due to having water leak in every time it rained.

After 3 years of having water continually get in my basement I called K.C. Waterproofing to fix my basement problem for good. Don Derry came out and gave me a free estimate, explained in detail what they where going to do and how much it would cost. I decided to have them fix my basement once and for all. They have a great reputation and have been in business for over 32 years.

They scheduled my work, they where on time, clean and very polite. They got right to work solving my problem. 2 days later my basement was dry and fixed and returned better than I could have imagined. They installed there Exterior Waterproofing System on the outside, injected the foundation cracks and installed new drain tile. When they where done it was almost like they had not even been here. I can not say enough about the company, team, and all dealings with K. C. Waterproofing. It has been over 4 months now with lots of rain and I am dry. I am very glad I called them to fix my leaking basement once and for all.
Tina from Kansas City, MO
5 Stars
Nov 15th, 2016
My experience was great. I have used KC Waterproofing/Ramjack 3 different times over a 7 year span. They treated me like I was the only customer each time. Each problem area perfectly repaired. All clean up was done right and everything put back the way they found it!
Amy from Kansas City, MO
5 Stars
Oct 3rd, 2016
It was a pleasure working with Don. He was honest and willing to work with what I wanted. He made sure that the job was done right. If something wasn't right, he fixed it with no extra cost to me. He was always good about explaining what was going to happen and answered any questions I had.
Misti from Kansas City, MO
5 Stars
Mar 9th, 2006
Very professional, very nice, friendly and knowledgable. Your company did work with me back in 2003 and a previous home, and I'm more than happy to recommend you to family, friends and co-workers. Thank you for quality work and a wonderful staff.
Case Studies in Kansas City, MO
Mid-Continent Public Library Mid-Continent Public Library
Public officials in charge of the structure called KC Waterproofing to take a look at the foundation for Mid-Continent Public Library in Kansas City, MO.
Crawl Space Waterproofing Issues in North Kansas City, MO Crawl Space Waterproofing Issues in North Kansas City, MO
North Kansas City, Mo job study of a crawl space waterproofing project involving Keith's crew. Read to find out more!
American Royal Building American Royal Building
Steel Piering at the American Royal Building in Kansas City, MO. 2 7/8โ€ Single 8โ€ Helix installed to depths from 32ft to 75ft. These are being placed under the failed CMU Wall inside the arena.
Completed Jobs from Kansas City, MO
KC Waterproofing Carbon fiber Straps Melissa G
November 1, 2016
We provided her with a an Interior Drainage System with a Sump Pump to help keep her basement dry. For the settlement issues, we fixed that with Carbon Fiber Straps. We installed Carbon Fiber Straps along the walls and on the cracks to help provide stabilization for the foundation. The Carbon Fiber Straps come with a Lifetime Warranty as well as the Interior Drainage System.
Estimate Request from Kansas City, MO
Sharon B. on July 20, 2017 8:53:29am
Water proofing
Kristy S. on May 18, 2017 11:47:30am
Hello, this is Kristy Seanez with Wingman Realty information. I have a structural engineer report for 3601 N. Bales Ave 64117. I was wondering if you could give me an estimate / bid on the cost from the report? Or schedule for someone to come out and take a look at the foundation? If so how soon could that be? I have until the 27th of May to complete inspections and bids on this property. Repairs would be scheduled after the 27th of June if possible on your end. Please let me know if I can provide you with any additional information. Thank you, Kristy Seanez seanez30@yahoo.com 303.913.6712 Cell phone
Michael C. on May 6, 2017 8:49:53pm
Older house with poured wall, block, and some stone. Would like to improve drainage and prevent water from coming into basement
Bryan R. on May 6, 2017 9:05:18am
We have been having a slow leak in a concrete joint in our garage. Our garage is below our home, and makes earth contact on one side where the leak is. Water will only be present after prolonged rainfall typically. I appreciate your help. - Bryan
Deborah L. on May 1, 2017 1:22:38pm
We need an estimate for a leak in the west wall of basement. We also would like to know how long the repair would take. We need the inspection done after 5pm M-F if possible this week or Saturday at the latest.
Eva R. on April 30, 2017 12:13:10pm
Leaking limestone foundation
John F. on April 2, 2017 1:14:33pm
Several cracks in garage I would like an estimate on please
Thomas S. on March 30, 2017 1:00:24am
Our sump pump will not shut off and the backup battery display shows that the battery itself is now defective. Repair and replace.
Eric P. on March 29, 2017 8:19:18pm
7 years ago you installed 2 sump pumps, both with battery backups, in our home. About 2 years ago, one of the batteries went dry so I add water to it. That same battery now appears to be truly bad and it corroded the positive terminal connection. I would like an estimate to replace the battery and the connection please.
Zach R. on February 14, 2017 8:23:26am
Our basement leaks when it rains. On the steps and on the south side wall. Please let me know when you can come out and take a look, so I can have we can be there. Thank you.