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Crawl Space and Basement Waterproofing services in Kansas City

Basement Dehumidification

At KC Waterproofing, our professional and industry-certified basement waterproofing and foundation repair staff are ready to provide the expert services you need in your greater Kansas City home, along with the honor, integrity, and trust we believe you deserve. We offer a full range of waterproofing and foundation services with everything from wall anchoring and foundation repair, to structural solutions and environmental remediation. We always strive to help protect your investment and repair damage to your home or business, and with many years of experience from our team, you can always count on us.

KC Waterproofing Services

We offer a wide range of foundation and waterproofing services to property owners in the greater Kansas City area. Some of our services include the following:

  • Basement Waterproofing
  • Crawl Space Repair
  • Sump Pump Installations
  • Foundation Repair
  • Commercial Structural Support
  • New Construction
  • The Ram Jack System

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If you're looking for professional basement and foundation solutions in Overland Park, Kansas City, Olathe, Independence, Lee's Summit, Topeka or in surrounding areas, you've come to the right place. At KC Waterproofing, we promise to take care of you and your property from start to finish. We also offer free estimates with no obligation required, so please contact KC Waterproofing to get started!

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Customer Reviews from Kansas City
Barbara M from Kansas City , MO
5 Stars
Reviewed on Review Central
Nov 26th, 2017
A very courteous, hard working group with many years of experience. Our basement had been seeping in water for several years and continued to get worse. A family member, who knew Don Derry for many years, recommended Don and his company. He found the issues and scheduled the job. After the work was completed, we had two very hard rain storms...our basement stayed totally dry!! — I highly recommend KC Waterproofing.
Sharon B from Kansas City, MO
5 Stars
Reviewed on Review Central
Jul 20th, 2017
Three years ago i hired a landscape company to install a french drain on the East side of my home due to having water leak in every time it rained.

After 3 years of having water continually get in my basement I called K.C. Waterproofing to fix my basement problem for good. Don Derry came out and gave me a free estimate, explained in detail what they where going to do and how much it would cost. I decided to have them fix my basement once and for all. They have a great reputation and have been in business for over 32 years.

They scheduled my work, they where on time, clean and very polite. They got right to work solving my problem. 2 days later my basement was dry and fixed and returned better than I could have imagined. They installed there Exterior Waterproofing System on the outside, injected the foundation cracks and installed new drain tile. When they where done it was almost like they had not even been here. I can not say enough about the company, team, and all dealings with K. C. Waterproofing. It has been over 4 months now with lots of rain and I am dry. I am very glad I called them to fix my leaking basement once and for all.
Tina from Kansas City, MO
5 Stars
Reviewed on Review Central
Nov 15th, 2016
My experience was great. I have used KC Waterproofing/Ramjack 3 different times over a 7 year span. They treated me like I was the only customer each time. Each problem area perfectly repaired. All clean up was done right and everything put back the way they found it!
Amy from Kansas City, MO
5 Stars
Reviewed on Review Central
Oct 3rd, 2016
It was a pleasure working with Don. He was honest and willing to work with what I wanted. He made sure that the job was done right. If something wasn't right, he fixed it with no extra cost to me. He was always good about explaining what was going to happen and answered any questions I had.
Ray from Kansas City, MO
5 Stars
Reviewed on Review Central
Mar 9th, 2016
Don Derry is a good guy and answered all my questions. We are very satisfied with your work.
Phyllis from Kansas City, MO
5 Stars
Reviewed on Review Central
Aug 25th, 2011
Referred by my neighbor and completely satisfied with the job. Thank you.
Dana from Kansas City, MO
5 Stars
Reviewed on Review Central
Nov 14th, 2010
I would like to write this recommendation for KC Waterproofing and Ramjack. They are great - dedicated to doing the job right - honest - completing the job thoroughly and really going over and beyond in every way. They are a top notch company with really good people. I am so glad I found them and recommend them most highly.
Ron from Kansas City, MO
5 Stars
Reviewed on Review Central
Oct 14th, 2009
This is the second time you have done work for me and the team gets a 5 star in my book.
Misti from Kansas City, MO
5 Stars
Reviewed on Review Central
Mar 9th, 2006
Very professional, very nice, friendly and knowledgable. Your company did work with me back in 2003 and a previous home, and I'm more than happy to recommend you to family, friends and co-workers. Thank you for quality work and a wonderful staff.
Steve from Kansas City, MO
5 Stars
Reviewed on Review Central
Jul 8th, 2005
Friendly, courteous, knowledgeable and professional.
Testimonials from Kansas City
Horton - Kansas City, KS Horton - Kansas City, KS
Your crew has done an excellent job and completed the project to my satisfaction. I have through appreciated your sales staff and office and crews.
Completed Jobs from Kansas City
KC Waterproofing Carbon fiber Straps Melissa G
November 1, 2016
We provided her with a an Interior Drainage System with a Sump Pump to help keep her basement dry. For the settlement issues, we fixed that with Carbon Fiber Straps. We installed Carbon Fiber Straps along the walls and on the cracks to help provide stabilization for the foundation. The Carbon Fiber Straps come with a Lifetime Warranty as well as the Interior Drainage System.
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