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Mold, Dust Mites, and Odors in Kansas City, MO & Overland Park, Olathe, KS

Just because you have a basement waterproofing system, doesn't mean your basement is completely dry and free of moisture. If your basement doesn't look, feel or smell dry, it's probably not and this means mold, dust mites and odors are most likely present.

You could be unaware that your basement is damp and acting as a breeding ground for mold, dust mites and odor causing damage.

Condensation is usually present if outside air is warmer than indoor air, especially if it's humid outside. Subterranean level homes carry the most damage from humidity because the relative humidity of air increases by 2.2% for every degree you cool it. But, because basements are below ground, they're usually cooler, and since air flows upwards, it has the ability to escape through higher levels with new air being absorbed in the lower levels.

If the outside temperature is 80 degrees with relative humidity of 80% and we suck this air into our basements and cool it to 68 degrees, the Relative Humidity goes up by 26.4% (12 degrees x 2.2%). But, 80% plus 26.4% is more than 100%, and we can't have more than 100%! Instead, condensation occurs as the air becomes saturated, giving up its moisture to cold basement walls, floors, water tank, pipes, and other cold entities, making your basement the perfect place for odor and mold to grow. Dust mites also love high relative humidity levels.

Moisture Control Through Dehumidification

To eliminate condensation, you must remove water and moisture from the air which can be done quickly and efficiently with our energy efficient, industrial strength Grate Products™ Dehumidification Systems. Without the proper equipment, it's nearly impossible to completely remove all water and potential for mold, dust mites and odor.

Our Grate Products™ Dehumidification Systems will effectively remove all humidity and moisture from the air and it will give you the outcome you're hoping for!

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