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Causes of Slab Settlement in the Greater Kansas City Area

Slab settlement is a prevalent foundation problem for homes across the United States. There are a lot of reasons that could explain the sudden weakening of the slab, but the most common problems boil down to three:

Poor Soil Compaction

During the beginning stages of building a foundation, workers need to first prepare the soil. In order for the foundation to be stable, the soil it's being built on must be durable as well; but sometimes this process does not end up perfectly. Poorly compacted soil tends to be loose so when the slab is placed right above it, the unfilled pockets could not fortify the slab properly. This can cause the slab to crack and break as it settles.

Washout of Soil – Plumbing Leaks

Installing plumbing lines below concrete slabs is an acceptable architectural move, but if the pipes are placed in unfit conditions, these lines can start leaking. The water pressure can displace the surrounding soil and create more voids that can cause the slab to crack and break.

Expansion and Shrinkage of Soil Under the Slab

When the soil underneath the slab regularly expands and shrinks (due to moisture absorption and extreme heat), it creates unfilled pockets that weaken the ground’s hold of the slab. The slab sinks lower as the weight of your property increases, and because nothing is holding the slab into place, its structure weakens and begins to crack.

Typical Symptoms of Slab Settlement

The best thing you can do to remedy your settling slab is to contact the professionals. We, at KC Waterproofing, are very familiar with this kind of issue, and are well-equipped to get the job done. If you believe that your concrete slabs have a problem, look for the following signs of damage:

Cracks are formed/forming around your windows and doors

  • You are having difficulty closing and/or opening your doors and windows
  • Your interior floors have become uneven
  • There are a lot of gaps under your basement walls
  • Your chimney and walls are starting to bow

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