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In order to prevent your home from sinking into the ground, it is your foundation’s job to be the divider that separates your home from the ground. This structure is constructed first because it keeps your home up and it acts as the base which supports the workers and the rest of the construction. Because of the foundation's important role, it's good to check-up and maintain it regularly. However, there are some conditions that can prevent your foundation from functioning properly.

What is Slab Settlement?

One kind of damage your foundation can sustain is slab settlement. Slab settlement usually occurs when the soil underneath your foundation expands (due to moisture) and shrinks (due to extreme heat). The continuous process of expansion and shrinkage creates weak pockets that can cause your house to shrink, especially when the weight of your property increases.

Luckily, homeowners in the Greater Kansas City Area, do not to worry, because we, at KC Waterproofing, are here to professionally repair your foundation.  

Why KC Waterproofing is the Best Choice

Should you need any slab settlement repairs, we urge you to contact experienced professionals who have the proper tools and equipment to address your foundation problems. When it comes to slab settlement repairs, we only utilize the best products, methods, and systems available today; and with our heavy-duty, galvanized slab pier systems fortifying your foundation, it is certain that the benefits will leave a positive effect on your home, permanently.

If you're interested in our services, contact KC Waterproofing by dialing: 816-226-4547. For further questions or a FREE ESTIMATE, visit our contact page at contact KC Waterproofing and fill out the form. Our services are only available to home located in the Greater Kansas City Area.

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