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Helical Piers Installation Services in the Greater Kansas City Area

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Foundation settlement problems occur when the soil beneath the foundation begins losing its compaction or strength. During the first stages of constructing your property, workers need to make sure that the ground they are dealing with is durable enough to hold your home. However, minor ground movement, floods, and even the shrinking and shifting soils, prevents your foundation from being stable. Whenever this happens, you will start to notice signs of foundation damage which include:

  • Cracks forming on the exterior and interior walls and drywall
  • Your chimney tilting or pulling away from your home
  • Doors and windows that stick out or don't open or close completely

If you are experiencing any of these situations, then you will need professional foundation repairs.

Helical Pier Installation Process

For many years, KC Waterproofing has been stabilizing and repairing foundations all over the Greater Kansas City Area. There are a lot of structural problems that come with this disaster, and a sinking structure is just the least of your problems. We do offer a wide range of foundation repair options, but when the time calls for something in the lines of “heavy-duty” then our helical piers will do just the trick.

Helical piers target problems deep within the earth’s soil. With galvanized rugged steel, it helps transfer the weight of your property onto competent, load-bearing strata or bedrock. In order to do this, we follow a step-by-step process to make sure that it does its job perfectly and permanently.

Step 1: We look for the perfect pier installation point before excavating the surrounding soil. By doing so, the footing of your foundation is exposed, giving us easy access underground.

Step 2: After excavating our helical piers are mechanically screwed into the soil. Our technicians will be standing by to make sure that the piers are able to achieve maximum depth capacity.

Step 3: Once the piers have reached the perfect depth, heavy-duty steel brackets are connected to the helical piers – to secure the footing of your foundation.

Step 4: Your property’s weight is carefully transferred via this setup.  In due time, the helical piers will help stabilize your home and they are capable of lifting it back to its original, level position.

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