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Driven Pier Systems in the Greater Kansas City Area

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The driven pier system utilizes a high-strength, round steel tube and load transfer brackets to stabilize an existing foundation.

The foundation brackets are secured against existing footings and pier sections. Using hydraulics, these are then driven through the foundation brackets and into the soil below. By doing this, home and building owners can be sure that the combined structural weight and the contributing soil load will add resistance.

The pier sections are continuously driven until the ideal load-bearing stratum is achieved. From then on, the structure will either lift, or the target pressure/load is reached.

The overall weight of the entire structure is then transferred over to the unstable soil, foundation brackets, piers and to the firm load bearing the soil or bedrock.

Benefits of Using Push Piers

  • Portable equipment allows for easy installation in areas with limited access
  • Piers are individually load-tested during installation
  • End bearing pier does not rely on skin friction for capacity
  • Galvanized pier sections add corrosion protection
  • The factors of safety range from 1.5 to 3


Are Driven Piers the Right Solution For Your Home?

If you're interested in learning about all the benefits that the driven pier system can provide your property, there's no better way to find out than by giving us at KC Waterproofing a call at 816-226-4547 so we can determine whether or not the driven pier system is the right move for your home. Let us do the hard work for you so that you're spared possible injuries and your time and energy won't be wasted.

We also specialize in foundation repairscrawl space repair and foundation stabilization. We also offer battery backup systems for your sump pumps, so that your basement stays dry even when your home could be potentially damaged by water. For a FREE ESTIMATE or any questions, you can visit our contact KC Waterproofing page.

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