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Foundation Stabilization in Kansas City MO by KC Waterproofing

Foundation Stabilization in the Greater Kansas City Area

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The foundation of your home has one important job: to keep your home stable, safe, and upright. If we did not have a foundation on our homes, we would be building on unlevel ground and would not be able to have floors, to begin with. We also wouldn’t be able to have very long-lasting homes because they were not built with stability qualifications in mind. Even with a modern foundation, floods, minor ground movement, and soil shifting can compromise the strength of your foundation, causing an array of structural problems such as tilting chimneys and walls, uneven flooring, and flooring that feels as though it's sinking. This is not a D.I.Y. project, and KC Waterproofing is happy to offer their expertise.

Types of Stabilization Services

There are many ways in which we can stabilize your foundation depending on the particular situation. Nevertheless, our foundation stabilization services will make sure that your foundation will be stable and secure once again so that it can perform its function seamlessly for many years to come.

Our foundation stabilization options include:

  • Foundation Push Piers: Where the material bonds the foundation to a solid, firm soil or bedrock.
  • Foundation Helical Piers: Has a similar installation process as the push piers, but bonds with the foundation by mounting a bracket.
  • Slab Pier Systems: Using straight steel piers and brackets that have been installed underground, the slab pier supports your foundation at a greater depth.

Professional Foundation Repair

It's better to leave the difficult job of foundation stabilization and repair to the experts. So, if you are currently experiencing any foundation-related problems, give us a call at 816-226-4547, or visit our contact us page for a FREE ESTIMATE or for questions and details. Our services are fast, efficient, affordable, and most importantly, professional in every sense.

If you are in need of foundation repair, contact us today!

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