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When you have foundation damage, it can affect the value and stability of your property in a negative way. Your foundation should be stable and supportive, and when it isn’t it leads to a multitude of other problems. Events like storms, floods, shifting soils, minor ground movements, and soil expansion or shrinkage can cause problems with your foundation walls. They can lead to cracking, bowing walls, settling foundations, or worse. When you begin to see the signs of foundation damage, you may wonder what to do. Can you ignore it? Does it need to be fixed immediately?

What should you do? KC Waterproofing can help you figure it out!

It can be scary trying to figure out what to do when you notice you have foundation damage. KC Waterproofing wants to make that easier for you. If you notice that you have foundation damage, give KC Waterproofing a call and get scheduled for a free estimate. Our experts will come to you, inspect the problem, and find out the cause. They will come up with an estimate which will tell you the proposed solution and a timeline of the work. This can help you make a decision on whether or not it needs to be fixed right away or if it can be left for a short while. However, generally it is a bad idea to leave foundation damage for later because it will only become worse over time and cost more to resolve. You save more long term by choosing to resolve the issue immediately.

The Advantages of the Helical Anchor Systems

What makes the helical anchor unique is its design. Because of its “screw-like” body, it is easier to install and is capable at reaching greater depths. Plus, with us handling the installation process, the following benefits/advantages will be provided as well:

  • Minimal disturbance to your property and landscape
  • Year-round installation
  • Does not use floor joists for support
  • Comes with a written, transferable warranty
  • Very easy to conceal (especially when finishing your basement)
  • Is made from corrosion-resistant galvanized steel
  • Restores/boosts your property value
  • Quick to install
  • Is a permanent solution

Helical Anchor System Installation Process

When we install a Helical Anchor System, we will follow the plan below each step of the way:

Step 1: Create a small hole through your foundation or retaining wall.

Step 2: The helical anchors are mechanically screwed through it. Our experts will carefully monitor it as it goes deep underground.

Step 3: Once it has reached its ideal depth, low-profile wall plates are secured to the foundation or retaining wall.

After this is all done, your foundation walls will be gradually straightened if bowing or in general the weight of your foundation will be transferred to the plates secured to your wall. This provides a stable and long-lasting support for your foundation that will prevent future problems like this. If you think you need a helical anchor system, give us a call for more information. All of our services are available to properties located in the surrounding areas of the Greater Kansas City Area.

If you are in need of foundation repair, contact us today!

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