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GrateTrench™ Drainage Systems in MO and KS by KC Waterproofing

GrateTrench™ Basement Entrance Drainage in the Greater Kansas City Area

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GrateTrench™ Drainage Systems in MO and KS

It is critical to keep your basement and other areas dry from surface water and moisture. In order to prevent water from flooding through the basement, garage or doors, it's best to stick with a basement entrance drainage system like GrateTrench™.

The installation of GrateTrench™ helps to prevent water from ever entering your basement. The simple system includes a drainage channel with a grated cover and it's typically installed above bulkheads, at the base of basement stairs and across exterior doorways. It also includes a closed valve system so that odors from stagnant water cannot get into your home. The GrateTrench™ works directly with basement drainage systems like GrateDrain™, so you never have to worry about water or moisture damaging your basement.

GrateTrench™ Features

The GrateTrench™ offers many valuable features including:

  • It can be used around hot water tanks, as well as overflow water pipes
  • Easy to assemble due to its pre-sloped design
  • Its cantilever system enables it to open and close automatically
  • Reliable, fast, and economical

By reducing the chances of water and moisture, you can avoid creating various disasters such as mold and mildew, wood rotting, bad smelling odors, and structural weakening.

GrateTrench™ Drainage Systems

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