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Job Completion Survey

Reviewed By: Anonymous
Location: North Kansas City, MO

Comment There is not a single drop of water in the crawl space!! It’s a beautiful thing. Keith had suggested that we leave the dehumidifier set to run all the time for a few days (which we did) to help clear out the humidity. Then he said to change it to “auto”, which I did late last week. As of this morning, it is still dry as a bone in the crawl space! It was a little hard to imagine, but what a relief it is!!

As I told you at the end of the job, I don’t think I have ever seen a group of guys work that hard especially in such a cramped space. They were easy to work with, on time, friendly, and not easily upset if the game plan changed. And it did change with the addition of the concrete piers and floor jacks. We had a few communication hiccups at the end but the project was completed as outlined and we are looking forward to a long-lasting dry crawlspace!

We appreciate all the work your crew put into this and the successful outcome.
Overall Rating 5 Stars

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