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Customer Photo Solutions Provided
Jeff C
Olathe, KS
June 2, 2017

KC Waterproofing provided him with a cost effective way to stop the water from coming into his basement by installing our full Basement Guardian System. This system is designed to stop water from coming into the basement by managing the water under the floor and directing it to a sump pump to be removed from under the floor. The system comes with a Life Time Warranty and transferable to new property owner. We installed our full wall protection, so now the basement can be finished knowing the water will never be an issue. KC Waterproofing Team knocked this one out of the park. The client left our crew a note on the last day stating: "Can't think you enough for your hard work, Basement was dry last night and it looks great."

Cody H
Olathe, KS
May 29, 2017

We excavated to the bottom of the foundation footing in OLathe, KS and uncovered two foundation cracks in the South wall under deck. Once we had them excavated we cleaned the wall and injected the cracks and applied our exterior wall coating and new drain tile and back filled with 100% rock. As you can see they work was done with very little disturbance to the landscape. The customer has a lifetime warranty and a dry living space thanks to our system.

Jim and Debra W
Louisburg, KS
November 8, 2016

KC Waterproofing installed our full basement waterproofing system along the exterior of the South Foundation wall. We excavated 7 ft deep to footing level, hauled away all the clay soil that was causing the problem and installed wall tie backs to pull wall back and stabilize. We pulled wall back 2" and straightened it. After the wall was pulled back we applied a 60 mil waterproof coating and new drain tile and back filled with 100% clean rock. The customer now has lifetime warranty that is transferable. Thank you our great crew.

Melissa G
Kansas City, MO
November 1, 2016

We provided her with a an Interior Drainage System with a Sump Pump to help keep her basement dry. For the settlement issues, we fixed that with Carbon Fiber Straps. We installed Carbon Fiber Straps along the walls and on the cracks to help provide stabilization for the foundation. The Carbon Fiber Straps come with a Lifetime Warranty as well as the Interior Drainage System.

Retta D
St Joesph, MO
October 12, 2016

KC Waterproofing installed a GrateDrain drainage system on the interior of her home and also installed a GrateSump to remove the unwanted water from her foundation.

George C
Louisburg, KS
September 22, 2016

We provided them with our Interior Drainage System with a Sump Pump. Our system we installed for them comes with a Lifetime, Transferable Warranty as well.

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