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In this case study of the Sanders, Fernando’s crew traveled out to odessa, MO on April 19, 2018. The homeowners called in because they were having problems with water damage and bowing walls caused by water damage. This is the case with many homes needing foundation repair, and it can be easily fixed when we take a closer at the issue and figure out how to best approach it.

exterior waterproofing foundation repair

Fernando’s crew installed 45 feet of exterior waterproofing which will work to take water away from the basement or crawl space and away from the foundation. This is important so that the issue does not keep recurring each time it rains badly. This is also the mistake that many contractors make: they only fix the foundation repair issue the client sees and do not address the root of the issue. Water damage and waterproofing issues are the cause of many a foundation repair. The crew also installed 2 ⅓ HP sump pumps to make sure that any water that did somehow get inside would be pulled back out and not cause any lasting damage. The sump pumps were installed in the northeast corner of the home and one in southwest corner.

foundation repair exterior waterproofing

There were also three carbon fiber straps attached to the walls. These straps straighten out the wall from bowing or leaning and can be easily covered up with paint so that they are nearly unnoticeable. They are also easy to install and strong and are installed inside so that there is no damage or cleanup in your yard.

sump pump exterior waterproofing

If you’re having foundation problems and also experience leaks and cracks, it may be time to consider a waterproofing system in addition to foundation repair. Fix the root of the problem along with the visual problems. Contact us today to get a free estimate and start on fixing your foundation!