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If you are having problems with water even after you’ve had waterproofing services in your basement or crawl space, it may be time to consider the idea of sump pump installations. Whether you are dealing with an improperly draining yard or you are below sea level and are experiencing constant issues with water, sump pump installations could be the answer. Find out a little bit about sump pump installations and how they can help with your waterproofing problems.

Stop the Worry

If you’re worrying every single it time it rains or storms, you need to take action. Sump pump installations are a great way to make sure that you’re not worrying about the basement or crawlspace flooding every single time you feel a sprinkle. They give you peace of mind that you can enjoy time away from home, a vacation, or shopping trip without having to rush back to the house and take care of a flooded basement. Battery backup sump pumps give you even more peace of mind because they will be on even if the power goes out. This can be of great importance when you are in the middle of a storm. You can worry about your own safety and the safety of your family instead of whether or not your basement or crawlspace will be dry by morning.

gratesump inside

Sump Pump Installations are an Investment in Your Home

When you invest in sump pump installations, what you are really doing is making an investment in your home. You no longer need to worry about the what the worth of your home will be after so much water damage. You can simply sit back and relax as you know your sump pump will take care of the rest. There will be upfront costs, but the savings to your finances due to flooding cleanup and extensive waterproofing again and again will be made up continuously.

What Do We Recommend

At KC Waterproofing, we recommend our GrateSump™ pump liner with the FastSump Sump Pump. Our GrateSump™ liner has punched holes that allow groundwater to easily enter and be pumped out. It also has a built in pump stand which keeps dirt away from the sump pump impeller. The FastSump pump was built specifically for KC Waterproofing according to our specs. It was then tested by our service department for over 3 years before it was launched to the public. We recommend adding battery back up to our FastSump. Heavy storms often come with power outages.

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If you’re looking to end the stress of constant waterproofing problems, then give KC Waterproofing a call today. Not only can we help you with sump pump installations, but we will also work with you to make sure that your entire basement or crawlspace is adequately waterproofed. Whether it’s due to foundation problems or a leaky window, we’ll make sure to find the cause and resolve it. Contact us for more information!