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Foundation Underpinning Doesn't Need to Be Scary

Foundation repair scares a lot of people, but it’s nothing to be scared of. It doesn’t have to ruin your home or cause you extreme financial hardship. However, it is necessary to fix foundation problems as soon as you see them because they can lead to a world of trouble if not fixed in due time. If you’re having trouble with an unstable foundation, it’s time to take control of the situation and get foundation underpinning.

What Does Foundation Underpinning Entail?

Foundation underpinning uses a push pier system (made from high-strength steel) which is hydraulically placed through heavy-duty steel brackets that are installed deep within the ground. A lot of the time, the reason why a foundation is unstable is because the supports holding it up were not placed deeply enough. The soil near the top is not as heavily compacted and will not support the foundation. Supports need to be installed very deep in the ground in stable soil to adequately hold up the home.

With foundation underpinning, your foundation will be given the support it needs, especially when it has been settling for a very long time. Once the steel brackets are installed, the slab will begin to even out and we can fix any cosmetic issues as well. Overall, foundation underpinning is a fairly simple installation process and very low worry.

push pier

Benefits of Foundation Underpinning

There are quite a few benefits of foundation underpinning, namely that it will fix the problem of de-stabilization. Foundation underpinning stabilizes better than other options because of its reach deep within the soil. Additionally, the galvanized steel components are resistant to corrosion and will have a very long lifespan. This is important because you don’t want to have to do this again in 5 years!

Another great benefit is that the installation process is relatively simple and does not require any invasive equipment. It will bring your foundation back to a level position and restore the value of your property. The best part is that it can be used at any time of the year! No waiting until the weather is clear!

foundation underpinning

Is this Method for You?

This all really depends on what KC Waterproofingdetermines from our free estimate of your foundation repair problem. Each situation is unique, and it needs to be looked at by a professional to assure that you are resolving the problem to make your home safe and sound once again. Please give us a call for more information, or to schedule a free estimate with us!